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Pools Maintenance

The concept of good pool maintenance is commonly misunderstood, even among our counterparts in the industry. Too often, “clean and clear” are considered good enough. There are major factors not VISIBLE that can ruin your pool in very short order. Our main focus for our weekly service customers is good water balance and operating efficiency. Without those two components, your backyard oasis is just a pool that will have a very short service life.

We diagnose and resolve problems that are commonly left untreated by others. The result is a pool that is clear, fully functional, and a pleasure to swim in. Let us care for your pool throughout the season and see the difference.

Weekly maintenance from 60€ per month, why we offer?:

Vacuuming; brushing; cleaning the skimmer/pump baskets; testing the chemicals; adding shock, chlorine, ph and salt. Once a month a water sample will be taken and water will be balanced accordingly. Weekly Vacuum Maintenance includes shock, chlorine tablets, salt, and balance chemicals.